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Through research, workshops and peer networking, Power of Voice International will train Civil Society Organization leaders to deliver more meaningful messages about their vital work in order to broaden their reach and impact, and to raise funds for lasting and direct donor support for their mission.

Partner Opportunities

Power of Voice partners - multilateral agencies, INGOs, foundations, institutional donors and corporations - are well positioned to nominate high potential CSO leaders, fund workshops, contribute to training and mentoring.

We all become partners in creating the future where communities hold the power to be the change they want.

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Qualifications to for CSOs Participate

We believe that communications skills are essential to effective nonprofits. However not all are at the appropriate stage of development to benefit from the POV programme. Thus we use the following assessment tool to qualify civil society organizations for inclusion:


Demonstrated overall financial stability and transparency.


Evidence of current impact and performance in their stated mission.


Improving communications competencies already identified as a priority per their current strategic plan.


Existing minimum current communications capacity including dedicated communication staff.

Research, Audit & Assessment

Power of Voice will undertake a three prong Research, Audit and Assessment to gauge participating organizations’ knowledge and use of critical strategic communications practices, understand general levels of practice (from ad hoc to sophisticated), asses current performance and capacity, and identify the most common areas for improvement.

Using qualitative and quantitative methods, research will inform workshop content and provide essential baseline data for ongoing impact measurement.
Prong 1 Qualification of Local Civil Society Organizations
Prong 2 Executive Assessment
Prong 3 Participant Assessment

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A team of experienced communications professionals with diverse expertise sourced from INGOs, agencies and other partners deliver training in best practices over 3-4 days.

Tailored to relevant cultural/social contexts, participants learn the building blocks of powerful and achievable communications strategies, including brand development, storytelling, messaging, media training, social media engagement, and more.

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Peer-driven local networks

POV provides infrastructure and support to ‘seed’ the groups - providing access to fresh and relevant online tools, listening for themes and trends across the ‘community of practice’ and encouraging in-person learning opportunities.

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